Make a Splash

We install water systems for ornamental or aerating fountains

Ponds and fountains are beautiful aesthetic additions to any outdoor space, but they need a high-quality water system in order to function safely and properly. Standing water can be dangerous because it invites pests and bacteria to make a home at your property.

Keep your water clear with an expertly installed water system for your ornamental or aerating fountain. Trident Property Services also is the only company providing fountain water system maintenance in the Lafayette area.

Beautify your business or home with a fountain

Beautify your business or home with a fountain

Fountains are a fairly inexpensive way to take your property’s décor to the next level. Ornamental fountains make great additions to any of these settings:

  • Lawns
  • Backyards
  • Courtyards
  • Hotels
  • Businesses

Freshen up your space with a fountain to impress everyone you know. Don’t forget the most important part: running water! Call Trident Property Services today to ask about water system repair and installation for your fountains. We give free estimates.