Light Up Your Landscape

Hire Trident Property Services for landscape lighting installation

Don’t leave your yard in the dark. Landscape lighting can help showcase your property’s best features. Trident Property Services, LLC installs landscape lighting for residential and commercial properties. We want to ensure that your landscape is looking its best. We use FX Luminaire brand products, because we believe in their quality.

Service you can trust

Service you can trust

We pride ourselves on professional and dependable service, and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Hire Trident Property Services to install your landscape lighting today. Our lighting installations are:

  • Safe—we’re highly experienced, and all of the landscape lighting is installed properly and safely.
  • Energy-efficient—we use low voltage power lighting, so you don’t have to run high voltage to light your property.
  • Neat—all of the wiring for your lighting will be hidden underground, so the only thing you’ll see in your yard is the fixtures.

Brighten your day with high-quality landscape lighting from Trident Property Services. Call us today to get a free estimate and schedule an appointment.