Are You Tired of Brown, Dry Grass?

Keep your lawn looking fresh with an irrigation system

The best way to keep the lawn at your home or office fresh and lush is to install an irrigation system. Trident Property Services, LLC installs underground irrigation systems at residential or commercial properties. We provide installation services to clients with new construction, too, so you can get a head start on a beautifully green yard.

3 benefits of our irrigation systems

3 benefits of our irrigation systems

We use Hunter brand products when installing your irrigation system. Hunter is one of the top irrigation product manufacturers in the United States, so you know you’re getting a great product you can depend on.

We stand by our irrigation systems. Here are three reasons why:

  1. All of our irrigation systems are installed underground. They’re never exposed, so you don’t have to see any clunky equipment in your yard.
  2. Our systems are equipped with a timer that’s very user-friendly, so you can control when your sprinklers are turned on.
  3. We provide a one-year warranty on all of our systems.

You’re one step away from a crisp, green lawn. Pick up the phone and call 337-303-6486 today to schedule an appointment.