Are You Dealing With Flooding or Water Damage?

Trident Property Services provides sub-surface drainage system installations

If you have muddy soil at your property, you’ve probably been experiencing drainage problems. If your soil is compact, water isn’t able to saturate properly. This usually leads to flooding or standing water. Trident Property Services, LLC has a solution. We install sub-surface drainage systems at commercial and residential properties. These systems work by draining water that rests on top of the ground in your yard.

What are the benefits of a sub-surface drainage system?

What are the benefits of a sub-surface drainage system?

If you need a little more convincing before you choose to install a sub-surface drainage system, here are three benefits:

  1. They reduce the risk of flooding by directing water away from your home
  2. They remove standing water, which attracts pests and bacteria
  3. They prevent damage to your home by draining run-off water from roofs

Sub-surface drainage systems promote a safer, cleaner environment at your home or workplace. Don’t deal with flooding any longer. Call Trident Property Services today to schedule an appointment.